Teaching method

My teaching method is the result of many years’ experience.

The key to my work is combining structural knowledge and flexibility. I believe in clearly teaching how the language works and at the same time providing the right input and support for my students to speak and use it actively from the start.

The student is the one doing the learning, and my job is to provide the right input and tools for it to happen: this means more or less grammar, more or less interactive material and homework according to everyone’s learning style and objectives. I always try to make my courses as interesting as possible for my students – motivated and interested people learn more and better!

I base my work on the knowledge levels as described in the European Framework for Languages. This gives a clear set of objectives and abilities to work towards. I do periodically assess my students’ level and issue certificates if necessary or requested.

At a practical level, my lessons are a combination of communication activities and learning of grammar and structures. The basic structure of a lesson is: presentation of new material – guided practice – free practice – application to real-life situations. This way the language is used from the very beginning and at the same time my students can develop a deeper knowledge of the language that will help them absorb and expand it.

There is of course much more to say, so if you want to know more about the technicalities of teaching and why I do what I do just ask! I’d be happy to discuss.