How much do your courses cost?
You can find an overview of costs for my languages courses on the Courses, lessons and rates page.

How long does a language course last?
Group courses usually last 12 to 15 weeks. Individual courses are as long and as short as you wish. My courses are completely flexible. Keep in mind though that it takes on average 60 hours to complete one level (see a description of language competence levels, as set by the European Union, here)

Do I have to travel to Leiden to work with you?
No you don’t. I work all around the Randstad: whether you live in Leiden, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht – and anywhere in between – I can come to you. You can also choose to meet me online, via Skype or Facetime if it’s more convenient to you.

I heard a language should be taught only by native speakers. Is that true? Why do you teach Dutch then?
In general it is true. A language is closely linked to a whole cultural system, and who can teach that better than a native speaker?
There is another side to this coin though, and non-native teachers have some good sides too. Read my thoughts about it here

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